Transshipment of crude oil and petroleum products

Tank Bidco B.V.

Tank Bidco B.V.’s staff has a proud tradition of nearly 6 years of services in transshipment and port industry. We have earned an excellent reputation by combining reliable, powerful and vessels with the expertise and experience of its operations, to provide a safe and high quality service in the area where it is active. It provides a range of competitive transshipment services to various global shipping lines, assisting tankers of all types and sizes including the LNG carriers.

Our cargo clients, such as raw petroleum producers, oil products traders, importers, exporters, power companies and other industrial end-users, owners and charterers have experienced our on-time performance, reliable transshipment service and flexibility.

As a fully integrated transshipment company, we reload a wide range of oil products. We offer the option of pumping the crude oil and various type of oil products from tanker-to-tanker or from tanker-to-tank, or vice versa. In addition, we have extensive experience with mixing gases and liquids in tank containers, also referred to as blending.

Our transshipment services are included:

– Direct transshipment of crude oil from seagoing tanker to another one using floating pipe technology;
– Unloading of seagoing tankers with crude oil at our storage facilities using onshore pipe systems;
– Unloading of seagoing tankers with petroleum products in multi-use specially equipped oil storage silos;
– Transshipment of crude oil and petroleum products from oil storage facility into seagoing tankers;
– Transshipment of crude oil and petroleum products from silos into into railcars and trucks.