Botlek Rotterdam Oil Terminal

Tank Bidco B.V.

Tank Bidco B.V. works out with one of the biggest strategically located terminal in the Rotterdam port area. Our Botlek Oil Terminal site focuses mainly on the import/export of crude oil and handles transshipment and/or storage various types of petroleum products such Gasoil and Motor gasoline, including Aviation fuel. Botlek Rotterdam Oil Terminal is equipped with the latest technology in the area of loading, unloading and storage facilities. The terminal also has excellent deep seaway connections without having to pass through locks. There are plenty of connections with the hinterland by inland waterways, rail links and motorways. All of our sites have expansion possibilities. It has become a state of the art terminal for storage and distribution of petrochemicals.

Tank Bidco B.V. is one of the fastest growing players in the global market for seaborne transshipment and storage of petroleum and other specialty bulk liquids. Our company is an independent operator in Rotterdam, providing a strong, reliable network of serving our customers’ storage, distribution, bunkering and transshipment needs. We have a strong ambition to grow our company to serve the demand of expanding customer base. Our diverse customer portfolio includes international oil traders, major oil companies, petrochemical producers, local fuel distributors and bunker suppliers.