Tank Storage Facilities

Tank Bidco B.V.

Tank Bidco B.V. provides full-time services for receiving, storing and dispensing crude oil and petroleum, petrochemical, and other liquid products at its own oil depots located in the cities of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our tank farm storage facilities consist of over 30 storage tanks with a total capacity of 610,000 m³ of tank storage capacity. We have the potentials to set up a tailor-made system for every customer. With our specialization in this demanding niche market for range of heated, cooled stainless steel and mild steel tanks, each tank has its own line towards your ship, train carriage or truck. The storage and handling of petroleum and petrochemical products carried out by our well-trained staffs, which thus guarantee a best quality of your products during the pumping process.

Each tank is equipped with facilities in accordance with industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system, allows us to remotely monitor the status of oil products in the tanks; volume of product, loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor.

Oil products storage
Crude Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, Aviation Fuel, Fuel Oil are mainly stored in large-size tanks.

Chemical storage
Chemical products (such as methanol, xylene, MEG and styrene) are typically stored in smaller tank sizes. Chemical products often require specific storage conditions such as controlled temperature conditions or atmospheres. LPG is a highly flammable product and is stored in refrigerated tanks at about minus 40°C or in bullets under high pressure.

Biofuels and vegetable oils storage
Biofuels and vegetable oils: bio-ethanol is often stored in the same size tanks as chemicals and requires similar specific tank storage conditions. Bio-diesel and vegetable oils are often stored in the same size tanks with less restricted storage conditions than chemicals.

LNG storage
LNG is stored in specially-designed full containment large tanks and is cooled at atmospheric pressure to about minus 160°C.

Entrusting the storage of petroleum products to our Company, you receive: a wide range of individual fuel storage tanks, absence of mixing of different types of oil products due to fuel supply through separate pipelines, preserving the quality of your products, convenient equipped entrance for motor transport, operational release of oil products, favorable terms of cooperation. We can guarantee flexibility by offering Oil Storage Services, multiple jetties and maintaining extended opening hours for loading and unloading. To accept petroleum products for storage it is necessary to conclude a tank storage agreement.

We offer multiple jetties to guarantee flexibility and maintain a standard operational hour for loading and unloading. Our offered jetties are suitable for all petroleum and petrochemical ships. Our train carriages are available at the loading places on a 24-hour basis. We pump-in and pump-out at a constant speed, because our tanks are equipped with standard vapor processing materials.