Tank Bidco B.V.

Tank Bidco B.V. is storing vital products with care. Our work enables people to meet basic needs. We enable people to cook, heat their homes, go to their jobs and travel the world. We help keep airplanes flying, cars driving and houses maintained. We enable factories to operate and companies to manufacture products that we use in our daily lives. We realize that our long-term success depends on our ability to innovate and respond to changing demands from both the market and society. We aim to be one of the leading sustainable terminal operators by deploying continuous improvement programs with a strong focus on innovation, safety, and automation. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a better world. Therefore, we strive to participate in the energy transition in the safest and sustainable way. With our clear mission, vision, and strategy on sustainability, we have created a strong fundament to be more sustainable in the present and in the future.

Sustainability has become a core part of our strategy. Therefore, in order to be one of the leading sustainable terminal operators, we offer tailor-made solutions to support the energy transition. Furthermore, by starting to understand and measure our impact on the key subjects within the environmental, governance & social topics, we engage our employees and stakeholders to develop sustainable plans and achieve goals.

Governance can be defined as an establishment of policies and continuous monitoring of sustainability activities. This includes mechanisms required to balance the sustainable prosperity and viability of the organization.