Technical Capabilities

Tank Bidco B.V. TANK FARM
Total tank capacity – 610 000 m3
50 000 m3 – 6 tanks
20 000 m3 – 11 tanks
10 000 m3 – 5 tanks
5 000 m3 – 8 tanks
8 pump stations
72 pumps
980 electrically actuated valves
5 000 000 tones – total annual capacity of the terminal for receiving products by railway
112 rail tank cars can be discharged simultaneously
450 – the maximum number of handled rail tank cars per 24 hours
Tank Bidco B.V. PORT
2 jetties – allows handling of 4 tankers simultaneously
15 m – maximum draft
45 m – maximum width
270 m – maximum length
100 000 t – maximum deadweight
Tank Bidco B.V.
75 – different types of analyses are carried out each day
30 000–40 000 different analyses throughout the year
Tank Bidco B.V. RAIL RACKS
2 rail racks for handling of rail tank cars carrying crude oil, gas oil, several grades of gasoline, and other petroleum products. Railway rack No 4 has an option for gasoline blending with liquid butane, and allows for servicing 6 rail tank cars simultaneously
The fire-fighting station with a fully automated control center is one of the most advanced in North Sea.
24/7 – working hours of the fire station
4 units of machinery – fire-fighting vehicle fleet
7 km – total length of fire hoses
65 fire-extinguishing foam and water hydrants

The main focus of Tank Bidco B.V. is geared towards increasing efficiency of its operation and consequently bringing value to the company’s shareholders and customers. We want to know that our more than 300 employees are proud of having a chance to work in the largest and most advanced petroleum product terminal in the North Sea, which is also one of the largest taxpayers in The Netherlands. In the past five years 13 million euro have been invested in the development of the company. In 2020 will continue to make investments to ensure modernization and development of the company.

Improvement of the company’s efficiency is multifaceted and includes:
– Maintaining high standards of environmental and personal safety;
– Increase of throughput volumes and strengthening of the company’s leading position in the North Sea;
– Region by constantly modernizing the terminal;
– Conclusion of long-term contracts with customers to assure stable transshipment volumes;
– Competitive operational expenses;
– Training and promoting employees in line with development of technologies in the company.

Modernization projects of which we are particularly proud:
– Creation of the united control room;
– Installation of the industrial waste water treatment plant;
– Replacement of old marine loading arms with new;
– Installation of the butanisation system;
– New vapor recovery system for crude oil loading into rail tank cars;
– Launch of blending operations;
– Fall protection systems at railway racks;
– The only terminal in North Sea to have four double-shell tanks each with a capacity of 50 000 m3.