About Tank Bidco B.V.

Tank Bidco B.V.

Tank Bidco B.V. is a major multipurpose oil terminal operator in the port of Rotterdam. Our main activities are the loading, unloading, storage and transshipment of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and various types petroleum products such Gasoil and Motor gasoline, including Aviation fuel. Tank Bidco B.V. was founded in 2016 initially offering Storage service in Netherlands only. Since then, our service portfolio has increased beyond Netherlands to include Transshipment, Storage and Bunkering services to and from Europe Union, Russia, United States, Caribbean and Asia. And more recently, following customer demand, we also provide maritime freight services worldwide through our partners.

We provide our customers with full range of services related to the storage and transshipment of petroleum products. Our company has more than 6 years extensive experience in storage of crude oil and petroleum products, and tankers handling. The aim of our company is to provide a quality, reliable and personalized service, with openness, honesty and integrity. From the beginning this has always been our guiding philosophy, irrespective of client size or status. Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, flexible, and high quality storage and transshipment services. We make sure that oil products sold out of Rotterdam port meet international export standard.

Tank Bidco B.V. is a leader in terms of environmental care, safety and technological development, and is recognized as one of the best employer among all enterprises operating in the Rotterdam Port. One of our main responsibilities is to make sure we void oil spillage. We have a special team of professionals who are also been hired and chartered by some of our partners in making sure we avoid spillage and evaporation during transshipment or storage of crude oil and petroleum products.