Gas oil, gasoline and other petroleum products transshipment takes place at two jetties, which can simultaneously service four vessels at four berths and can handle vessels with a deadweight of approximately 100,000 tones.

Tank Storage

Tank storage facilities with capacity of 610,000 m³ and 30 tanks of every size and types. Coated or mild steel and stainless-steel storage in perfect solution for the reservations of crude oil and petroleum products, in large or small quantities.


With today’s ultra-efficient marine engines, bunker quality is critical to efficient fuel consumption and minimizing engine wear and tear. Quality of services within the bunker supply chain as well as the effective, safe and secure operations.


Licensed customs brokerage, offshore support, advanced technology underpins all operations, give a full visibility and control over their oil products. Customer’s fulfillment to gain the competitive edge and a reduction in supply costs.

Tank Bidco B.V.

About Us

Tank Bidco B.V. is a major multipurpose oil terminal operator in the port of Rotterdam. Our main activities are the loading, unloading, storage and transshipment of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and various types petroleum products such Gasoil and Motor gasoline, including Aviation fuel. We provide our customers with full range of services related to the storage and transshipment of petroleum products. Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, flexible, and high-quality storage and transshipment services. Tank Bidco B.V.’s role is to devise flexible solutions, 24/7, and always think one step ahead.

Oil productsCrude Oilstored in large-size tanks

Our oil storage services for crude oil and various type of petroleum, petrochemical products are currently exclusively operated for our key customer, letting them enjoy the benefits of our storage capacity, jetties for tankers, high speed pumps, mixing and heating features and our hands-on mentality.

Our oil tank farm decentralized management structure functions as a reliable system providing quality services. Each tank is equipped with facilities in accordance with industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system, allows us to remotely monitor the status of oil products in the tanks; volume of product, loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor.

If the client wants, our company take full responsibility for project management. We’re always interested to discuss the possibilities of dedicated storage and berths with interested parties.


Oil Storage Tanks

6 tanks of 50,000m3 | 11 tanks of 20,000m3 | 5 tanks of 10,000m3 | 8 tanks of 5,000m3

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

We have earned an excellent reputation by combining reliable, powerful and oil tankers with the expertise and experience of its operations, to provide a safe and high quality service in the area where it is active. It provides a range of competitive transshipment services to various global shipping lines, assisting tankers of all types and sizes including the LNG carriers. As a fully integrated transshipment company, we unload and upload a wide range of oil products. We offer the option of pumping the crude oil and various type of oil products from tanker-to-tanker or from tanker-to-tank, or vice versa. In addition, we have extensive experience with mixing gases and liquids in tank containers, also referred to as blending.



We need to be sure

Safeand efficientbunkering services

With today’s ultra-efficient marine engines, bunker quality is critical to efficient fuel consumption and minimizing engine wear and tear. All vessels bunkering in Tank-Care B.V. can be assured of the quality and quantity of bunker, as well as safe and efficient delivery. Tank-Care B.V. ensures these benchmarks through several standards and codes of practice, in accordance to industry best practice code set by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

This enables effective and efficient management of supplies, assuring customers of the quality of bunker purchased. All bunker vessel and bunker vessel operators owned by Tank-Care B.V. are licensed and must be accredited by the MPA. To maintain our bunkering licenses, we continually strive to achieve and maintain the accreditation qualifications.

Tank Bidco B.V.

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